Franchise Opportunities

Ace Models South Africa


Ace Models Franchises offer an exciting and lucrative business opportunity.  To find out more and to open an Ace Models franchise in your town/city, please send your inquiry along with a short CV and profile to

We will evaluate you on the above and if satisfied, will contact you to with further details.


  • Extensive training will have to be done by Joani Johnson.
  • The training will be done in your town/ at your premises/studio so that your studio can also be improved and approved according to Ace Models standards.
  • Your training course will include the whole course/curriculum followed by Ace Models as well as practical training such as ramp training, make-up course, grooming, and photographic modelling.

Ace Models National Director and founder Joani Johnson offers model principal training (teachers training).
To earn your certified Ace Model Teacher’s diploma. please contact the office for more information:

Mall Activations

For in-store models, Freeze Modelling and Mall Activations please contact